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Adjusting PHP settings on CloudLinux Servers

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by , 04-05-2016 at 12:31 PM (2487 Views)
Having the ability to run the software you need and optimizing your settings according to your needs is GO GO for Go ZEN Host.

All our servers, Business Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc are on CloudLinux, that gives you the customer the ability to change settings according to your site or your customers site needs.

Let's see how you can change PHP settings and Max Execution time in case you need to run a script that takes more time. (Keep in mind that even though you can actually change the max_execution_time CloudLinux will still prevent your site from overloading the server).

Step 1:
Once you are inside your cPanel you need to find (typing in the search box is fast and accurate) the PHP Selector as you can see on the image bellow!

Step 2:
Once you select the PHP Select Version tool, you will see the modules that your site uses based on your current settings. From here you can actually change the PHP version for your account and add or remove php modules that you might not need.

Step 3:
Change specific PHP settings like max_execution_time and or RAM
Please be careful with those settings as wrong values can actually make your site slow down instead of improving performance.


We hope that this was helpful enough, as always you can ask for help on our forums or by filling a support request.

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