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How to secure your Joomla web site
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Thread: How to secure your Joomla web site

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    How to secure your Joomla web site

    As a web developer I have seen some of my client's Joomla websites getting hacked. So does that mean that Joomla is vulnerable? By all means NO.
    Joomla is a constantly developing CMS that is suitable for many web designs and some of the most famous and popular web sites out there are built using Joomla.

    It's usually the clients who don't want to pay for ongoing security services and don't take it upon themselves to do it.
    They usually call us when their site gets hacked and then the real pain begins. They end up with bills that are 2 or more times higher than if they had paid for regular security maintenance in the first place.

    It's actually quite easy to secure your Joomla site so you can be as protected as possible from by hackers.

    Here are 15 tips that you should follow in order to secure your Joomla site and avoid a hack attack!

    1. Create a backup plan for the site.
    2. Update your version of Joomla.
    3. Use a reputable hosting company.
    4. Review the list of vulnerable extensions before installing Joomla extensions.
    5. Review the Joomla-created Joomla security checklist.
    6. Remove the username admin that comes with the original installation.
    7. Install JSecure - a plugin to hide the Administrator login page.
    8. Remove the FTP functionality in Global Configuration.
    9. Change your password regularly.
    10. Disable or uninstall the extensions that are not being used.
    11. Do not run your site in Legacy Mode.
    12. Consider installing commercial security extensions.
    13. Report hacking attempts on your hosting company.
    14. Install SEF (Search Engine Friendly) component.
    15. Change the table prefix in your mySQL database. (in the latest version of Joomla 2.5.x you don't even have to do that anymore!)
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